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age 17

170 lbs

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 220 lbs

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280 lbs

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340 lbs

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440 lbs

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320 lbs

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260 lbs

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300 lbs

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380 lbs

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Welcome to LittleChanges.com ...  

a website of motivation, madness and making lots of little changes.



Meet Priscilla, founder & creator of LittleChanges.com


Always smiling on the outside, always struggling to lose weight and get fit, she has been battling morbid obesity for decades.  With a top weight of 440 pounds in May 2006, Priscilla is inviting the world to watch as she takes off almost 300 pounds. The roller coaster ride of losing weight and gaining it back again stops here.


This highly personal weight loss journey is being made public to help herself & others who are faced with the truth of "GET FIT OR DIE!'


Discover that ANYTHING is possible with a few LITTLE changes!


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What is LittleChanges?


Frustrated at being fat, Priscilla Houliston decided to take her health in to her own hands and escape from her prison of weight.


This website is a way for the entire world to watch and interact with Priscilla as she dedicates her life to making little changes that will eventually lead her (and you!) to better health.


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You did what?


Fat and lazy are two words that are often used together.  Priscilla proved that isn't true when she spent over six months bicycling up the east coast of America to lose weight and wake up the world to the fact that if you don't take care of your own health, someone else will have to.


This adventure was captured by television, radio, newspapers, magazines and of course the internet.  > more

What is Priscilla doing now?


"After gaining and losing hundreds of pounds over the last few decades, I'm always working on my journey to great health. I'm FED UP with promises of pills, plans and gimmicks that prey on people who are obese.


With a determination to get my story of struggle out there and relate to the millions of people in the world who are battling obesity, watch daily to get your motivation and pass it on!"  > more

I'll bicycle, swim, hike, walk, stroll, meander, jog (slowly at first), paddle, run (very, very slowly), dance, move and groove my way to fitness!

Are you coming with me?"

Watch my weight go from 440 pounds to FIT here on LittleChanges!




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